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Certified Siren Providers are experts in remote patient monitoring and other virtual care services. Apply now to get started.

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Why Siren

Joining our network means you will be able to provide virtual care services such as remote patient monitoring for our growing panel of patients from our partnerships with providers, payers and from direct to consumer patients.

Siren gives you the tools you need to become an expert virtual provider by providing virtual technology training and certification as well as Continued Remote Patient Monitoring Education (CRE).  Siren also provides access to an eccosystem of innovative products such as Siren Socks and more.

Patients in need of specialized care will be referred into our network of expert in-person providers. Becoming a Certified Siren Provider allows you to join our curated network of in-person providers, available to patients whose needs extend beyond virtual care.

How it works

Dr. Creighton showing his certified Siren provider certificate.

Training and certification

Once you’ve completed the application process, we will train and certify you in remote monitoring and other virtual care services.

Provide the best care

Start providing virtual care on your terms - work anywhere, anytime on your schedule.

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Grow your practice

Expand your practice as a part of Siren’s highly curated community of in-person providers.

Why become a Certified Siren Provider?

Provide better care through prevention and technology

Siren gives you the tools you need to become an expert virtual provider by providing virtual technology training and certification, as well as access to an ecosystem of innovative products such as Siren Socks and more.

Earn predictable income and access new patients

Siren allows lets you practice virtually via remote monitoring and provide in-person care in partnership with providers, payers, and patients.

Dedicated team to handle
administrative tasks

Siren is virtual care made simple. We have a team of highly-trained, tech-savvy personnel who provide patient education and support so that you can focus on what is important–exceptional patient care!

Siren Socks

Siren Socks help providers and patients find potential injuries early and reduce the risk of diabetic ulcers and other foot complications. Once a patient receives their Siren Socks, they put on the socks and plug in the Siren Hub, thats it!

No smartphone required.

Why choose us?

Join Siren’s curated network of tech-enabled specialists to access patients today


Siren sends the devices directly to patients and manages setup, utilization, and technical support. All Siren products connect to one platform via the Siren Hub.


You will be alerted to changes in your patients' health so you may make relevant clinical decisions when necessary.


Support patients by providing state-of-the art wearable technology and help avoid complications.


We use your EMR to identify patients who may be good candidates for remote monitoring.


We select the appropriate device, and distribute it directly to the patient.


We manage patient onboarding and training, as well as offer technical support and device maintenance.


Our team of on-staff nurses monitor patient vitals, and flag potential issues.


We maximize your reimbursement, helping you earn more annual revenue per patient.


Compile and present patient data on a provider dashboard.

Siren Ecosystem Includes

What providers are saying

“The patients are thankful, they feel the socks are very comfortable. They have peace of mind because they know their feet are monitored, and it sets my practice apart from others.”

Dr. Richard Lavigna, DPM
Podiatrist, Bay Area Foot Care

“Some of these patients go on to amputations because they wait too long, so it is a win to catch something early.”

Dr. Justin Wade, DPM
Podiatrist, StrideCare Texas

“That alert and that technology (from Siren Socks) is terrific. It gives you another tool to sleep well at night knowing your patients aren't developing a wound, they're not developing a hotspot, they're not in trouble.”

Jacob Reinkraut, DPM
Podiatrist, New Jersey

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Our provider stories

Siren Makes Sense of Your Patients’ Health Data

Siren Socks measure foot temperature throughout the day to help reduce the risk of diabetic foot ulcers.

Learn the research behind Siren Socks >

A Commitment to Prevention

Certified Siren Providers:

Have completed Siren Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Training

Have pledged a commitment to prevention in their daily practice and are committed to staying on top of the latest research and technologies.

Are knowledgable on the latest Medicare RPM guidelines.

Are following the latest Siren SOPs and up-to-date on the the recent Siren product features.

Have committed to Continued RPM Education (CRE) and periodic reassessment of CSP certification.

Interested in partnering with Siren for your patients?

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