Dr. Lavigna talks Siren Socks

"Patients are thankful they feel the socks are very comfortable and have a peace of mind because they know that their foot is constantly being monitored. And it sets my practice apart from other practices because we are providing a service that they can't get in other doctor's offices."

Dr. Richard Lavigna, DPM opened his first clinic in San Francisco, moved his practice to Oakland, CA in 1996 and has been in practice for over 20 years since. Today, Dr. Lavigna is chief of podiatry at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland California. Dr. Richard Lavigna is a recognized professional in the Bay Area medical community.  He specializes in foot and ankle care for personal injuries, illness, Workers’ Comp cases, and cosmetic procedures.  Working with the most cutting-edge technologies, Dr. Lavigna offers non-invasive treatment modalities such as Laser Therapy.  He is a experienced surgeon holding privileges at Alta Bates Medical Center.

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