What people say about us

"Without the notifications from Siren, my Charcot foot symptoms would have continued, leading to surgery and hospitalization...”

Tim W.
Siren user, type 1 diabetes

"My patients love them! They are fans of the quality of the socks and what they do to help them prevent diabetic foot sores."

Carolyn McAloon, DPM
Podiatrist, Bay Area Foot Care
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Avoiding foot ulcers

People living with diabetes have a greater than 30% risk of developing a foot ulcer in their lifetime. 10% of those ulcers will result in an amputation.

Siren Socks measure foot temperature to help reduce your risk of ulcers. Rising foot temperature indicates that inflammation is developing, which may be a sign of injury.


Temperature monitoring has been shown to reduce diabetic foot ulcers by up to 87.5%.

How it works

Wear Siren Socks Daily
The socks continuously measure foot temperature, an early indicator of injury that may lead to ulcers.

Nurses Monitor Foot Health
Licensed nurses review the data for signs of inflammation and call patients regularly to check on their health.

Providers Manage Patient Care
Providers are alerted to potential injuries and determine if a clinic visit is necessary.

Smartphone not needed
Machine washable
Socks replaced automatically when they wear down
No need to charge
Covered by Medicare
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