Marc’s unboxing

August 25, 2021
“Having these socks gives me peace of mind and they improve the quality of my life as a diabetic. I'm confident they'll do the same for you. ”

Marc Fairman has been living with diabetes for over forty years. He has suffered many of the complications caused by diabetic neuropathy, including recurrent ulcers, hairline fractures, displaced fractures, a Charcot foot collapse, two (and potentially a third) reconstructive surgeries and ongoing ulcerations.

Marc chooses to be a SirenWarrior because he says, “Over the last 10-12 years, I probably had a dozen of these ulcers. And they have been infected, they require constant medical attention, they required dressing and for many periods they required me to be bedridden. And if there were some kind of a tool that could help me stay on top of this and prevent it before it’s happening it would open my life.”

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