Gerard Clark - Siren Warrior

October 24, 2021
“You're always looking for something that will help to keep you healthy. And that's what Siren Socks does. ”

Gerald Clark has type two diabetic and has been for close to 40 years, he has developed various blisters and sores that have become infected. And in the worst case scenario with Gerald, he has been hospitalized.

His podiatrist, Dr. Coast knows that Gerald has a history of ulceration and his feet due to his diabetic peripheral neuropathy. And once Dr. Coast got Gerald's ulceration healed, he knew Gerald would be a perfect candidate for siren socks to prevent it from happening again. Since then Gerald has been using Siren Socks and found it very helpful. Gerald recommends Siren Socks strongly as if it's been a very simple and safe, reliable system. And it's "peace of mind" for Gerald.

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