Siren Extends Critical Preventative Diabetic Foot Ulcer Technology To Active Military and Veteran Populations

Siren is excited to announce partnership will provide access to groundbreaking technology for active military and veterans living with diabetes, neuropathy

Siren extends critical preventative technology to our active military and Veteran populations, partners with Lovell Government Services

Siren is excited to announce our partnership with Lovell Government Services, a service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB). This partnership will provide access to groundbreaking technology for active military and veterans living with diabetes, neuropathy, and foot ulcers. Federal healthcare systems such as the US Department of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities can now easily procure Siren Socks through their preferred contracting vehicles.

Foot ulcers affect veterans

Diabetes causes neuropathy, nerve damage, so a small ulcer can go unnoticed, turn into a blister, gangrene, sepsis, and ultimately amputation. Over 100,000 legs are lost to diabetes in the US every year, and the problem affects veterans especially.

Veterans have a much higher risk of diabetes. Almost 25% of veterans have diabetes, compared to almost 10% of the general population. Consequently, the vast majority of non-combat amputations among veterans are caused by diabetic foot ulcers.

Siren Socks in the VA

With Siren Socks, all a patient has to do is put on their socks like they would every day. The socks turn on automatically, are machine washable, and do not need to be charged. Siren Socks track inflammation in the user’s feet, an early indicator of a potential foot ulcer. Siren’s remote care team works with the patient’s existing provider to catch these early signs, before they turn into wounds. 

Proven technology

Temperature monitoring has been proven to reduce the risk of diabetic foot ulcers by up to 87%. A recent study showed that remote temperature monitoring through Siren Socks can reduce healthcare cost by over $8,000 per patient per year. Costs for diabetic foot ulcer treatment at the VA exceed over $3bn a year. 

With the use of this technology, there is significant opportunity to improve outcomes and reduce cost. Siren is dedicated to improving the lives of our country’s heroes, both active and retired, by reducing the risk of foot ulcerations, infections, and amputations. For more information on how to reduce the risk of diabetic foot ulcers and start using Siren Socks, visit this webpage.

About Siren

Siren is a virtual care company that uses novel medical devices and remote patient monitoring to improve patient outcomes. The company developed Neurofabric, the first of its kind microsensor-embedded textile, to enable a new type of medical devices. These devices integrate seamlessly into users' everyday lives and allow patients and doctors to make more accurate, real-time treatment decisions. Siren Socks, the company's first commercialized product, is an FDA-registered temperature monitoring sock for the early detection of inflammation that leads to foot ulcers in people with diabetes.

About Lovell

Lovell Government Services Inc. was founded by Chris Lovell, Major USMC Retired, in 2013 out of a desire to continue to serve by providing specialty Medical and Surgical Resources to the Veterans Administration Hospital System and the U.S. Military Medical Networks. Having served for over 24 years, Chris also wanted to ensure America’s Warfighters had access to the most advanced lifesaving resources available on and off the battlefield.

About Siren Socks

Siren Socks are smart socks that help detect potential issues with your feet. Siren Socks are an FDA-registered Class I medical device and are designed for people living with diabetes and neuropathy. The socks measure your foot temperature. Temperature monitoring has been shown to help reduce the number of diabetic foot ulcers in multiple clinical studies over the past 20 years and is considered the gold standard in diabetic foot care. The information from the socks is monitored by licensed nurses who contact you regularly to check on your health and the status of your feet. Your doctor reviews any issues that arise and determine if a clinic visit is necessary. Siren Socks are covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and many private insurance plans. Interested patients can find a Certified Siren Provider near them and begin the enrollment process by clickinghere.

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