How Siren Diabetic Socks Work

At Siren, we're changing the way that people with diabetes think about their feet. Every 20 seconds a limb is lost because people don't take care of their feet. We're here to change that.We offer a number of free tools to help you take care of your feet. Our latest project, Siren Diabetic Socks, helps people with diabetes protect their feet. The socks make it easy for people who have nerve damage to take control of their foot health. Not enough people focus on their feet, and our socks make it easy to do so.

I have diabetes, why do I need to wear socks?

For people with diabetes, a small injury can turn into a larger issue. When you get a cut on your foot, you may not feel it because of nerve damage. When you continue to walk on that cut, it can become larger, infected, and difficult to heal.This is a huge problem. Why? When a small cut becomes larger it can turn into a foot ulcer. Foot ulcers may take months to fully heal and are very costly to treat. In fact, the bigger problem is that foot ulcers may become infected and gangrene. When they aren't treated, you may have your toes, foot, part of your foot, or part of your leg amputated.Wearing socks every day, whether you're at home or on the move helps protect your feet from nicks and cuts. Our socks, go a step beyond a standard layer of protection.

How do Siren Diabetic Socks Work?

Siren Diabetic Socks fit easily into your daily routine, like a normal pair of socks. Wear them each day to protect your feet while you walk, run, hike, and any other activity. We suggest you also wear them at home because many injuries happen at your house.The socks are designed to be soft, moisture-wicking, and seamless. Better yet, our socks go beyond standard diabetic socks in a number of ways.

Siren Diabetic Socks Monitor Temperature

Wearing socks is only one part of the way you can protect your feet. Part of keeping your feet healthy includes catching foot injuries early. The earlier you catch a problem, the sooner you can get to the doctor. Every day counts when it comes to preventing a foot ulcer or amputation.Our socks are created with small sensors that monitor the temperature of your feet 24/7. You're probably wondering why does this matter? The first sign of an injury is when your foot heats up. A rise in temperature on one part of your foot is a sign of inflammation.Inflammation is important because it's a signal to your body that there's a problem or injury. Our socks pick up on this rise of temperature. The socks connect to your phone to let you know that there's a potential problem. Then, we tell you the steps you need to take to protect your feet including contacting your doctor.

The Basics of Siren Diabetic Socks

The socks are made to be as simple as possible. Simply put the socks on like any other pair of socks and go about your day. Some key things about the socks:

  • You receive 5 pairs at a time
  • You can wash and dry the socks in your standard washing machine and dryer
  • The socks don't require any charging
  • We can send your information to your CDE, doctor, or a family member


About Siren Socks

About Siren SocksSiren Socks are innovative smart socks that detect potential issues with your feet. Siren Socks are an FDA-registered Class I medical device and are for people with neuropathy.The socks measure your foot temperature. Temperature monitoring has been shown to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers in multiple clinical studies clinical studies over the past 20 years and is considered the gold standard in diabetic foot care.The information from the socks is monitored by licensed nurses who contact you regularly to check on your health and the status of your feet. Your doctor review any issues that arise and determine if a clinic visit is necessary.Siren Socks are covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and many private insurance plans.Interested patients can find a Siren-Certified Provider near them and begin the enrollment process by clickinghere.

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