Diabetes Health: Daily Foot Care Tips

Diabetes can cause serious foot complications. As part of your daily routine, there are a few simple things you can do to protect your feet from injuries. It's important to do these small things so that you can prevent larger complications like foot ulcers and amputations. Here are a few easy things you can do to reduce your risk of injury:

  • Do a physical and visual foot exam morning and night: you'll want to check for any signs of injury or infection. Be sure to check your feet, toes, and toenails.
  • Wear socks: wearing socks daily provides a physical layer of protection to your feet. Make sure that you wear a fresh clean pair every day.
  • Clean your feet: wash your feet daily. Be sure to be gentle and only use lukewarm water.
  • Never walk barefoot: it's important to always protect your feet. Walking barefoot can put you at more of a risk for an injury.
  • Use moisturizer: help prevent skin from getting dry and cracking but don't moisturize between your toes!
  • Check your shoes: before putting on shoes make sure they're not broken or torn and be sure there aren't stones or pebbles inside. You don't want your shoes to rub or be too tight on your feet.
  • Call your doctor if you notice an issue: If you're at all concerned call your doctor or a member of your care team and be seen. They'll be able to evaluate your foot health and let you know what to do.


About Siren Socks

Siren Socks are smart socks that help detect potential issues with your feet. Siren Socks are an FDA-registered Class I medical device and are designed for people living with diabetes and neuropathy. The socks measure your foot temperature. Temperature monitoring has been shown to help reduce the number of diabetic foot ulcers in multiple clinical studies over the past 20 years and is considered the gold standard in diabetic foot care. The information from the socks is monitored by licensed nurses who contact you regularly to check on your health and the status of your feet. Your doctor reviews any issues that arise and determine if a clinic visit is necessary. Siren Socks are covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and many private insurance plans. Interested patients can find a Certified Siren Provider near them and begin the enrollment process by clickinghere.

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